citrus fruit


Citrus fruit


Lemon Lemon is an ingredient with probably the longest list of positive effects on our health.

Apart from being rich in numerous nutrients, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and others, it is the most-famous for vitamin C. 

100 grams of lemon covers 71% of an adult’s daily need for vitamin C as well as 7% of their daily need for potassium, 1% of calcium and 9% of magnesium.

Citrus fruit


Orange is a citrus fruit with yellow-red peel and mushy content divided into slices. 

It is low in calories, but rich in nutrients.

Apart from being rich in vitamin C, it boosts our immunity and it has other benefits. For example, it can rejuvenate skin and participates in the construction of collagen. It also protects the health of our eyes.

Citrus fruit

Grape fruit

Grape fruit is a citrus fruit which is primarily known for its rich nutrients such as vitamin C and phytochemicals. 

Sadrži  kalcij, kalij, fosfor, te obiluje vitaminima A i C. 

Citrus fruit


Klementina je citrusno voće koje je hibrid naranče i mandarine.

As opposed to an orange, its peel can be easily removed, it is intense orange in colour with eight juicy and sweet segments without seeds.


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